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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cold Mornings

Defrosting Equipment

We have gotten a taste of winter here on the east coast.  We had snow over the weekend.  It was lovely to watch.  I was not mentally prepared.  Fortunately, we did not lose power.  I have sympathy for those of you that did. 

Mornings are cold enough that we have frost on the car.  One of my least favorite jobs is scraping the car windows in the morning.  I always used to start the car and the defroster, letting it work while I did.  I have several “new” pieces of defrosting equipment this year. 

1.     Mr. Impatient likes to go out to the car and start it while everyone else is still getting ready.  I leave the car in defrost mode when I shut it down in the evening.  He turns everything up, so the defrost gets going.

2.     Tall Guy and Three Speed have really long arms.  They get the scrapers handed to them before they get into the car if there is still any frost or snow on the car.

3.     Not new, but definitely appreciated: heated seats.  The car I have is a hand me down from my Mom.  She bought it with heated seats.  Mr. Impatient turns them on also when he starts the car.  Nummy. 

I guess I better enjoy this, because the boys are seniors this year.  Next year Tall Guy and Three Speed will be off at college.  I’ll have to see if I can teach Mr. Impatient to scrape frost. 

I love my kids.

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