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Monday, October 31, 2011

Based on One Test

Denial of services because the child is “no longer retarded enough”
I am acquainted with a family who is currently fighting a denial of further services for their autistic child.  This child has been getting social services for many years.  He is a pleasant child.  The family works hard with the child.  He has made amazing progress over the years. 
He did not speak when he started school.  He now does speak, but is not always understandable.  He has many typical autistic behaviors.  He has been working with a social service agency, social workers, special education teachers in school, speech therapists, and hard working parents.  He continues to make progress.
The psychologist changed tests at his last evaluation.  His IQ went up twenty points!  Some of his other “daily life activities” scores went up.  The parents tell me that the booklet they filled out about activities of daily life is being ignored because the psychologist won’t sign it.  He says it is because he wasn’t there when it was filled out.
Two people from the agency (which is located 500 miles away) who have never met the child have determined that he is no longer eligible for services.  This is based on numbers that have made a jump in the last year.  They are based on one test and are not consistent with testing done over the last decade or more.
The psychologist and physician both specifically state that he needs to continue services or go to a group home.  The social workers agree.  The parents want to keep him at home, but admit that they need help. 
There is an appeals process, but the parents are not hopeful that anything will be changed. 
What’s up with this?  One test? 

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