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Monday, October 17, 2011

She Wants What?

Princess reported the following phone conversation:

Mrs. Wantsitall:  I need to cancel the appointment for my daughter this afternoon.

(This is less than 24 hours notice – we charge for this)

Princess:  Why would that be?

Mrs. Wantsitall:  The kids were approved for insurance you don’t take last week, so she is going someplace else.

Princess:  OK.  Are you keeping your appointment?

Mrs. Wantsitall:  Yes, but I don’t want my Pap smear today because I’m feeling sort of crampy.

Mrs. Wantsitall:  By the way, can the doctor write a letter for Teenage Wantsitall for school to break the rules because she wants to, and have it done by 1:00 PM today when I come in for my appointment?

Princess said she would check. 

Note that she has been getting samples of her birth control pills from us when she doesn’t have the insurance we don’t take because we understand about Mom’s financial issues. 

This is what we as doctors have to deal with on a daily basis.  :-(

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