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Monday, January 23, 2012

Unusual Assignment

Before I started this blog, I was writing for a web site called Associated Content.  It got bought out by Yahoo, and is now called “Yahoo! Voices”.  Since I haven’t written for a while, I had to update my information and reapply for “Featured Contributor” status.  The major reason for doing this is that it pays more. 
When you do this, you have to write an assignment on a topic that the editors choose.  I think they were intentionally being mean.  They picked:

How to Choose Between Home or Hospital Birth

It took me all afternoon to find a way to write an article that didn’t start with things like:
·        How stupid do you have to be to want to deliver at home?

·        What have you been smoking?

·        Do you want your baby to die?

I mean, really!  I spent 4 years in medical school, 4 years in residency, and have been practicing OB/GYN for almost 30 years.  Sheesh! 
What I finally wrote was “Choosing a Birth Location – Hospital vs. Home”.
I basically explained about all the reasons why you needed to have trained physicians nearby if things go wrong.  Then I talked about some of the things that can go wrong and when they do. 
We’ll see if it gets published or rejected.


LauraT said...

This issue seems to be one of the hot topics in ob/gyn these days. I would love to read your article. Will you post a link?

lasermed said...

When it is published, I will leave it here, and also put it on the blog. It takes a week or two to get through the "editorial process" with Yahoo.

I was a little bit put off by the assignment. It was really tough to write. I will look forward to thoughts when it is published. If it is rejected, I will publish the whole thing here.

lasermed said...

Here's the link: