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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Around the Web – Medical Blogs Early January 2012

I actually read all those blogs that you see on the side panel.  They are my favorites.  I read a bunch of others, too.  Here are a few articles that I found interesting this week. 

I. Wonderful article about why we are heading towards a major physician shortage:

“Predictable? Yes. This is an expected consequence of American demographics. Since it takes more than ten years to properly train a doctor of medicine, we should be aware of this and brace for the impact.

Have we prepared for the doctor shortage? Of course not. We are talking about your government here. Instead, the Federal Government has interjected itself in between you and your doctor. In spite of ubiquitous protests from virtually every physician group, the Federal Government passed the socialistic and unconstitutional “Affordable Care Act”.”

II. CPR has changed.  We now only do compressions.  I love this short video about how it is done.  Obviously done in Great Britain where they dial “999”


It’s worth a watch.

III.  “In traditional Western medical ethics, a doctor’s fundamental responsibility is to practice to the best of his ability for his patient’s benefit. But lately, doctors are being taught a radical new collectivist medical ethics where the “social good” trumps the individual patient’s welfare.”  Interesting concept.


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