These are the thoughts of a cantankerous ol' gynecologist who remembers when things were a little different. I try to find a little humor in my life and the people I meet along the way. Come meet the characters in my world.

Articles by Dr. Lasermed As Dr. Maryellen Smith

Written as Dr. Maryellen Smith:

As I have explained elsewhere, I have used the pseudonym Dr. Maryellen Smith in my writing. The original web site was called Associated Content. It is now Yahoo! Shine or Yahoo! Voices. Here is a list of the articles that I have written for them with links. I will try to group them for you by subject. If you prefer some other grouping, feel free to put it in the comments. I will continue to update this list as I am continuing to write for them. 

If you want to see the entire list, you can go to the INDEX, or go to http://contributor.yahoo.com/signup , put in Dr. Maryellen Smith in the search, click on my name under the really old and ugly picture.  It will take you to the Voices list.  If you want the list of Shine articles, click on the box with Yahoo! Voices, and a drop down box will give you the Yahoo! Shine site.  Click on that. 

I appologize for the spacing.  I have tried to fix it on many occasions.  Techno- dinosaur strikes again. 
Abnormal Pap Smears – What They Mean
Abnormal Pap Smears – What You Should Do Next
Men's Changing Place in Reproductive Health
Intrauterine Device - Everything You Should Know if You Are Considering One http://voices.yahoo.com/intra-uterine-device-everything-5871120.html?cat=5
 Does Estrogen Affect Hair Loss?  
Mammograms – The Whole Story  
 Ten Tips to Get The Most Out of Your Annual Gynecologist Visit http://voices.yahoo.com/ten-tips-most-out-4269379.html?cat=5 
Why to Go to the Gynecologist if You Had a Hysterectomy? http://voices.yahoo.com/why-go-gynecologist-if-4745946.html?cat=5
Choosing a Birth Location – Hospital vs. Home  
Bedrest During Pregnancy
Gift Suggestions for Mothers Expecting Multiples
Vitamin Challenges If You Are Having Twins or More
Diet Challenges While Having Twins or More
How to Avoid Anemia During Pregnancy
How Long Does Hair Loss Last After Pregnancy?
What to Say (and Not to Say) to the Family with Twins, Triplets or More http://voices.yahoo.com/what-say-not-say-family-4972412.html?cat=25
Helping Your Triplets or Twins Become Different Individuals http://voices.yahoo.com/helping-triplets-twins-become-6715572.html
“Fraternal Triplets” – How Different Are They?
Raising Triplets, The Early Years
What to Say (and Not to Say) to the Family with Twins, Triplets or More http://voices.yahoo.com/what-say-not-say-family-4972412.html?cat=25
**15 Things I Learned During My Triplet Pregnancy
   6 Helpful Tips If Your Friend is Having Twins, Triplets or More http://voices.yahoo.com/6-helpful-tips-if-friend-having-4235575.html?cat=25 
Multiple Pregnancy: The Roller Coaster of Twins, Triplets or More
Kids in General
 How to Have a Happy and Productive IEP (Really)  
Supporting Your Local School Band or Athletic Program http://voices.yahoo.com/supporting-local-school-band-5587313.html?cat=25
 Ten Tips on Talking to Families with Disabled or “Different” Children http://voices.yahoo.com/ten-tips-talking-families-5400765.html?cat=25 
5 Tips for Talking with Your Children About Sex
Preparing Your Autistic Child for New Doctor’s Office Visits http://voices.yahoo.com/preparing-autistic-child-6750412.html?cat=25
Autistic Children and Routines  
Autism and Social Interactions During the Teen Years
Autism and Multiples
  Other Medical Problems 
Arthritis Symptoms and Treatments
Chronic Pain vs. Acute Pain
Screening Tests for Your Health
Ten Tips for Dealing with Chronic Pain
   How to Recognize Heart Disease in Women 
Communicating With Your Physician
The Doctor – Patient Relationship and How It Is Changing
  What Does My Doctor Mean When He Says..  
Vaccines - Why Should You Bother?
Ten Tips on Talking to the Doctor when a Family Member is Sick http://voices.yahoo.com/ten-tips-talking-doctor-5833812.html?cat=70 

15 More Things Your Doctor Wants You To Know Before Your Visit http://voices.yahoo.com/15-more-things-doctor-wants-5528887.html?cat=5
10 Tips from a Doctor and a Mom on When to Get a Second Opinion http//voices.yahoo.com/10-tips-doctor-mom-5484211.html?cat=25
Doctor’s Office Phone Call Etiquette
Things that Make Your Doctor Crazy
Tips to Make Your Doctor’s Visit Run Smoothly
Medical Practice and Office Stuff
Doctor’s Office Economics – Solo Practice in 2010
Things Insurance Companies and the Government Have Changed About Medicine http://voices.yahoo.com/things-insurance-companies-6536366.html?cat=5
New Doctor's Office Fees
I'm A Doctor, Not A "Provider"
10 Things Your Insurance Company Won’t Tell You About Insurance Payments http://voices.yahoo.com/10-things-insurance-company-wont-4945704.html?cat=5
My Opinion on the New Mammogram Recommendations 2009 http://voices.yahoo.com/my-opinion-mammogram-recommendations-4946390.html?cat=5
Misc. Other Stuff
 The Effect of Praise on a Tired Care Giver or Parent  

The Effect of Music and Arts Education, A Lifelong Reward http://voices.yahoo.com/the-effect-music-arts-education-7549820.html?cat=4
Grief and the Grieving Process
The Creative Writing Process
A Season's Diary of an Amateur Choir Singer
10 Interesting Things to Know About Authors Pseudonyms

Drug Seeking Patient Behaviors  

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What Can You Do To Prevent Breast Cancer
Too Sweet? Results of not controlling your blood sugar
An OB mom’s morning sickness tips
What is a breech birth
  Making sense of multiple birth babies – identical or fraternal? 
Normal pregnancy body changes – first trimester
What you should know about placenta previa
Second Trimester Normal Pregnancy Body Changes 
What happens if you have fibroids and are pregnant? 
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