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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The “S” Word

We have some “different” bad words at my house. 

One of my children is autistic.  This does not have anything to do with his intelligence.  If we could actually get an accurate IQ test, he would probably score somewhere in the genius level.  Just don’t ask a “why” question.

When my kids were small, we developed some special words that are forbidden.  My children are not allowed to use them.  There are occasional interesting situations.  I sometimes will use the words when driving.  This usually occurs when I have been cut off a couple of times.  So there were three little 8 year olds rushing in the house screaming, “Daddy, Mommy used the ‘I’ word!”

For your reference, the words that I would like to have removed from people’s vocabulary – and I did try to remove from the vocabulary at my house are:

the “S” word – stupid

the “I” word – idiot

the “R” word – retarded

I find there is no reason to use them except if someone isn’t watching when they drive. 


Anonymous said...

The difference between Genius and Stupidity id that Genius has its limits.
Albert Einstein

Vesalius said...

"When my kids were small, we developed some special words that are forbidden."

"Ignorance is strength."


nice blog

Vesalius said...

change the first % into a ?
the second% into an =
and the third % into a #

; )

lasermed said...

@ Versalius
Thanks for liking the blog.

You must have a different browser than I do. I don't see any % anywhere in the piece.

Dr. Lasermed

Vesalius said...

So you were able to click the links?
anyway, I was being a smart a.. with the link; just ignore : ) -