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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Medical Office Quandaries

I’m so glad that I usually don’t answer the phone at my office.  My receptionist takes a lot of interesting phone calls.  She earns her Diet Pepsi hourly.

I am a gynecologist.  That’s a doctor that deals exclusively with women and women’s problems.  So, when a man calls the office, it’s either a

·         salesman

·          husband

·         wrong number

·         member of my family – husband or kid

So when a man calls the office and asks to make an appointment, my receptionist is a little confused.  She asks what they want to make an appointment for.  She is thinking it might be a business thing. 

No.  These men want to make a medical appointment.  She has to gently explain to them that they have called the wrong kind of doctor.  Since she is a nice person, she will often ask the nature of their problem and give them a referral.

We joke between the two of us that she should tell them that they don’t have the correct parts.  If we’re having a silly day, we get really specific. 

She got three calls in one day last week.  I love to listen in. 

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dr. whoo? said...

Found you through Sermo! Looks like you are off to a great blogging start! :)