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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Too Busy OB/GYN, Where Are You

One of my favorite blogs is gone. 

Observations of a Too Busy OB/GYN disappeared from my blogosphere this evening. 

Where did you go????  Too many babies?  Or did you find a new home? 

I enjoyed this man’s stories and his humor.  I hope he lets me know where he’s gone.  I guess I need to start “belonging” to blogs I “follow”.  Can someone explain how to do that and why?

Thanks.  Laser.


Anonymous said...

I too just noticed Dr Important was gone. Come Back!!!!

LauraT said...

I like your blog Dr. Laser Med. I'm new to it. But I've enjoyed Dr. Importante's blog since his inception. That man is quite a gem and I can't find him either. How do we get him back?!?!?

medrecgal said...

I don't know about following blogs, but I know where he went: he now blogs at laboranddeliverance.blogspot.com. Same dude, and I wondered where he'd gone, too. But I tracked him down via another blog I read regularly.

lasermed said...

It took me a while. Thanks medrecgal. I hope this works for everyone else. If you click on this:
You should be able to get there.
Evidently he got grief for the name of his blog.

gynecologist phoenix az said...

His words are truthful. And also convincing.

mickymayor said...

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