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Monday, January 30, 2012

Audible Abdomen

Or: the Virus that Keeps on Giving

It’s a cross up as to whether being a parent or being a doctor makes you more likely to get the virus of the month.  I usually know what’s going around before just about anyone else does.  It was a bit worse when my children were little. 

Someone managed to bring home a stomach virus last week.  I had one child home Thursday and Friday.  He seemed to be better by Friday afternoon.  The other two got sick Friday night.  I managed to be sick along with all of them.  I got up early Saturday morning to cancel our haircuts because I didn’t want to pass this on. 

My abdomen is still a bit “touchy” this morning.  This is Day 5.  I’m getting tired of clear liquids, though I was able to eat some yesterday.  We have consumed more soda and popsicles at our house than we have in years.

The most annoying side effect for me is that I have very audible belly noises today.  I’m glad I don’t do pediatrics, because the munchkins would be having a field day.  It is going to be embarrassing enough to explain to the adults I see. 

It could be worse.  Yesterday I looked about 9 months pregnant and I could feel the gas moving around in there.  Just like feet when I was pregnant.  I got funny looks from all the males at my house when I said that. 

Maybe tomorrow all will be back to normal. 

I wish all my readers health.  Don’t forget to wash your hands, and stay away from sick people. 

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