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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

She’s Still Mean

A woman walked into my office a few minutes ago.  She said she needed to make an appointment.  She hadn’t been seen since before she had her child.  The daughter was 23 years old.  She couldn’t get in to see her regular gynecologist in the next town.  They are booked. 

Princess started making her an appointment.  She was getting the registration papers out of the drawer.  Ms Demanding helped herself to a lollipop while she was standing at the counter.  Ms D wanted to be seen within the week. 

Princess asked what kind of insurance Ms Demanding had.

Ms Demanding said she wasn’t working.  She had an insurance that we don’t participate with. 

Princess explained that we don’t participate with that type of insurance.  She told her the price for a new appointment.  It wasn’t our highest visit, but she thought it would be a long visit from the way this woman was acting.  We have patients pay for the visit.  We will submit the insurance, but the check goes to the patient.  [I can no longer wait 6 weeks to 6 months for payments from insurance companies.]

Ms Demanding went ballistic. She said, “Well, she’s still mean, then.”  She turned around, walked out and slammed the door.

That certainly didn’t make my day, or Princess’s either.

I hope she chokes on the lollipop. 

I was so annoyed, I had trouble finding an Amazon link for you guys.  Just go get yourself a gift card for someone you like.  I think Princess deserves one.  She had to put up with this.  I just listened from my office.