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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Around the Web – Making Your ER Visit Easier

Found another great article. 

This is written by an emergency room nurse.  Title is 4 ways to de-stress your ER visit.  I’ll list the short version, but strongly recommend you actually read the article.
1. Make a list of medications you take and bring it with you

2. Bring no more than two people with you.  Bring at least one in case you need a ride home.
3. Bring something to do.
4. When someone is talking to you, ignore the cell phone and pay attention.
Here’s a link:

For all those friends and relatives who wonder how I have time to do all that crocheting, I have the bag perpetually packed.  I just grab it when I go somewhere I think I’m going to wait.  From the local high school sports events to my kids’ medical appointments – it gives me something to do.  Of course, I got a kindle for Christmas, and it fits nicely in the bag.  So there may be less handcrafting.

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