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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Definition of “Old” or “Older”

It finally happened.  I am now officially “older”.

I went to a new dentist yesterday because my dentist of over twenty years has retired.  That’s probably my first clue.  I saw the younger partner.   She’s the daughter of the older partner.  After my cleaning, she was telling me that my problem was like that of many of her “older patients”. 

I know she does most of the children in the practice.  I switched because she has been so patient with Mr. Impatient (my autistic son).  We switched him to this practice after he got scared about something at our established practice and refused to go back.  He originally saw “Papa” dentist, but has bonded with “Daughter” dentist.  We even went through her last pregnancy with her.  Mr. Impatient got concerned when we had to reschedule because she was off on maternity leave. 

Anyway….I have had this discussion with patients and other physicians in the past.  I also have had it with insurance companies when talking about hormone replacement therapy.  How old is “old”?  How old is “older”?

My personal opinion is that “older” is at least ten years older than you are.  Probably more like twenty.  I think “old” is ten to twenty years older than your parents. 

Since I am of “daughter dentist’s” father’s generation, I’ll take older.  It’s OK even if my kids are only a few years older than hers.  I started late. 

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