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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Triplet Stuff #1

Why Did You Have Them So Close Together?

My triplets are fraternal.  That means that they all developed from different eggs.  That happens sometimes when you have in vitro fertilization, or even when you don’t, and have multiples.  Anyway, they are genetically as different as if they were from different pregnancies.

They look like brothers, but are slightly different in size and weight.  They have looked like “stair-steps” since they were preschoolers.  I loved the question from the elderly woman who wanted to know “why did you have them so close together?”

Later on, Mr. Lasermed decided on what we now think is the best answer:

Because once the first one came out, the others wouldn’t stay in!

(Triplet parents are welcome to give me other answers)

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