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Friday, August 19, 2011

“It’s Just a Form!”

At the end of a visit, Ms  Wantsitall Patient hands me a form she needs to have filled out for school. 

“Dr. Lasermed, can you please fill this out for me.  I need it so that I can play on my sports team.”

“When is your first practice?”

“After school today.”

“When you booked this appointment for your birth control refill, did you tell Princess that you needed a Sports Physical?”

“Why, no.  I figured you could just fill out the form.  After all, I come to you every year!”

Every doctor has this conversation with a patient on occasion.  We dread them.  There is nothing that is “JUST A FORM”.  Every form takes time to fill out.  Your doctor may or may not have the information that is needed to fill out the form.  The doc may or may not have the time in the middle of a packed schedule to fill out the form. 

Every one of us will take a deep breath when we hear “JUSTAFORM”.  Most of us have started charging for the extra time that it takes to fill out those blankety – blank things, unless you schedule a visit especially for your form. 

A sports physical in my county requires a vision test, a hearing test, a urine test, reflex tests and several other things that are NOT part of a routine GYN exam.  I have to get out equipment that I don’t usually use.  Do you remember when the last time your gynecologist routinely looked in your ears? 

There are a variety of forms we get.  Disability forms.  Handicapped license plates.  Medical Equipment.  Medication that was denied.  None of these forms are short.  None can be done by anyone but the physician anymore.  And none are covered by your medical insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. 

I have written articles about this before on another web site called associatedcontent.com.  I write as Dr. Maryellen Smith.  These two articles may expand a bit on this topic.

Things Insurance Companies and the Government have Changed About Medicine: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/5658628/things_insurance_companies_and_the.html?cat=5

Anyway, next time you need a form filled out, let the person who answers the phone know in advance.  They will let you know if there is any fee for this, and allow the doctor extra time if necessary to fill out your form.  It will keep the doctor much happier. 

You might get an extra lollipop or sticker on the way out!

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