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Friday, August 26, 2011

Autism, ADD, and a Football Game

What Were They Thinking?

My band kids played for their first football game last night.  They are still in high school.  They played an away game on a Thursday night.  I’m not sure exactly what time they got home, because I fell asleep in my chair.  It was sometime after 11 PM.

This morning, I couldn’t get Three Speed moving.  He was in his STOP mode.  Mr. Impatient got up at 5:06, did his breathing treatment, made his lunch, and was ready to go by 5:30.  School starts at 7:45.

I woke up in the chair about 4:30 in the morning, and was taking my night time pills when Mr. Impatient came downstairs.  I still had to take my shower and get dressed.  So I fell asleep waiting for it to be time to wake up Three Speed and Tall Guy. 

I still had the PB&J sandwich to make for Mr. Impatient.  He’s on strike about making them for himself.  Gotta love autism.  And there was no caffeine containing soda in the refrigerator except the energy drink that Three Speed needs to get him motivated in the morning before his ADD medicine kicks in.

Then we were late.

We ran into the next door neighbor (figuratively) on the way out the door.  One of her dogs died of cancer the day before yesterday.  She was walking two others.  We had to stop for a quick hug. 

Mr. Impatient was perseverating all the way to school about being late.  Breathe, Mom. 

Now, what was the school system thinking scheduling that danged football game so late?????

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