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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Techno – ignorance, the dinosaur version

I admit that I am a dinosaur in a lot of ways.  Having teenagers really emphasizes this.

When my children were little, they thought I knew everything.  It was amazing.  Now, when anything goes wrong with my electronics, I have to ask them.  It has become very humbling.

Yesterday, the mouse for my computer stopped working.  Usually this is a simple fix.  I just have Mr. Impatient bring me a new battery. 

No luck.

 I tried unplugging the USB thingie and putting it in another port.  Nope.

I tried pushing the reset button on the bottom of the mouse.  Nope.

I even resorted to rebooting the computer.  Nope.  By now I’ve spent 20 minutes, and I’m starting to say “bad words” under my breath.

Soooo…..I broke down and called for one of my computer geek kids.  We’re still discussing his blog name.  For today we’ll call him Three Speed. 

Anyway, it took him about 45 seconds to find a reset button on the USB stick, press it and fix the mouse.

Yup, I’m a dinosaur. 

I love my children.

And:  You learn something new every day.

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