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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dinner Table Conversations and Texting at the Table

I was chastised by another physician for a conversation I had with my kids at the dinner table the other night.  He stated that he would never thought to discuss that particular topic at the table. 

My kids are smart and opinionated.  I guess they take after their parents.  Part of the fun of the family table, in my opinion, is having a discussion about a controversial topic.

We don’t set the topics ahead of time.  But everyone knows that anything is fair game.  Except “no gross stuff, MOM!”  I have one child that doesn’t particularly like to discuss medical stuff, especially at the table. 

I have learned about drug use in high school, current social media practices, what’s “cool” and what isn’t and many other subjects important to teenagers.  We also update each other on tomorrow’s schedule.  Tall Guy and Three Speed have recently added “who needs the car” to the discussion list, as they recently both got their drivers licenses. 

I did have to stop Tall Guy from texting at the table the other night.  I think that’s rude, and I said so.  He said he was texting that he was at dinner and would text later.  LOL.  I threatened to take away his phone.  Have you seen this video?:

Texting is the latest thing that we have had to outlaw.  It follows hand held video games, books, coloring books, toy trucks, and the list goes on.

Conversational topics have changed over the years.  We used to discuss trains and trucks.  Purple dinosaurs and talking cowboy dolls who had friends that were talking pigs and potatoes and flying spacemen were real people for a while.  Now it’s sports, marching band, cars, music, school……

But we don’t leave out the controversy.  We talk about current events.  We talk about politics.  We talk about drugs and sex.  No question is out of bounds.  If you don’t know the answer, go ahead and ask.  It’s a house policy.  I learn a lot that way. 

Of course, having dinner with an autistic child is always an experience.  Mr. Impatient earns his nickname sometimes.  It’s important to maintain a sense of humor when you get the same question over and over, and you get interrupted in the middle of sentences continuously.  Oh, well.  We are working on it. 

We try to eat together as often as possible.  It’s all about family.  I think it makes us closer and builds bonds.  Plus it’s great fun to bug my kids.

I need to get my giggles wherever I can.  Kids are a great source.

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