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Monday, October 3, 2011

What to do While You Wait

An Explanation for the Baby Blanket
I spend a lot of time waiting.  It seems like I’m always sitting somewhere waiting for the kids, or waiting to be seen at the dentist or the doctor’s or something.  I am not a terribly patient person by nature.  Perhaps I have a little of Three Speed’s ADD. 
Years ago, I learned that I needed to have something to do when I wait someplace.  Sometimes I can read a book.  Occasionally I can sit and write something, like a piece for this blog. 
There are times when I have my kids along.  When they were little, I always brought toys and books to keep them occupied.  I’m sure there are plenty of folks who got tired of listening to the same book being read over and over in the waiting room.  Moms of the world can relate to that one.   Books were always quick to pick up and didn’t leave a mess.
As my children got bigger, I went back to crocheting.  I have made multiple scarves in the last few years at football games, band spectaculars etc.  Now, it seems that there are bunches of folks having babies.  My nieces are in that age group for example.  A baby blanket is just portable enough to be a take along project for me when I know I have to sit someplace and wait (and wait, and wait).
It’s nice to have a handmade gift ready when someone announces “Mom, my trumpet tutor and his wife just had a baby!”  My response is “Pink or blue or green or white?”  No shopping involved.  Everyone’s happy.   No, I’m not going to be a Grandmother.
Does anyone need a really nice, hand crocheted scarf?  I still have quite a few from before the blankets!

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