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Monday, October 17, 2011

Alzheimer’s from several points of view

I really do read all those blogs on my blog list.  Today I read this on the pharmacychic’s blog:

It reminded me of a story about my Dad.  The last few years of his life he had Alzheimer’s.  It was hard to watch him decline.  But he could remember things from long time ago without much problem.

Tall Guy and Three Speed are Boy Scouts.  They needed to do a project about someone who used to be a Boy Scout.  So we took a trip to visit “Pa” (and “Mema”).  It was a lovely afternoon.  My Dad (“Pa”) told wonderful stories about his days in scouting.  I had no idea.  He was at scout camp when Pearl Harbor was bombed.  He was the first Eagle Scout in his troop.  There were some issues with this because he was Lutheran and they met at a Methodist church.  He laughed over this!

After we left, Dad asked Mom which one of my boys was which.  He couldn’t remember their names.

So sad what the disease does. 

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