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Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Band, The Yearbook and The Umbrella

Or – How I Have Spent Part of My Weekend

You may have noticed that nice photo of the band to the right in my blog.  That’s a wonderful photo of the Eagles Band when they went to Disney a couple of years ago.  Tall Guy and Three Speed are in their fourth and final year with the band.

I have to admit that they didn’t look quite so sharp this weekend.  It really wasn’t their fault.  It has been cold.  Saturday night it was 46o F while we were watching the band competition.  I believe it was a little bit warmer Friday at the football game.  They marched in their rain gear.

It also has been raining for longer than the biblical 40 days and 40 nights.  It stopped for a while on Friday.  So Friday was just cold.  Saturday was wet and intermittently heavy to light, misty rain. 

If I haven’t told you, I have arthritis.  Thanks, Mom.  And Dad.  So cold and wet is my least favorite weather.  However, I am a Mom who tries to get to all the kids stuff.  I put on as many layers as I could think of.  I took my cane and my umbrella and off we went.   

Mr. Lasermed drove, so he could let us off at the entrance.  We also took Tall Guy’s girlfriend, Yearbook Gal.  Her job was to take photos of the band.  In the rain. 

We bought “candy grams” for the band boys.  This sends candy to some tired and wet kids.  I let Yearbook Gal send the one to Tall Guy.  Aren’t I sweet?  And I sprung for the group rate so they would have lots to eat.  They also offer small animals, flowers (that’s another story, and I got in big trouble for that one) and “air grams” where you send a short message to the band member over the intercom.

We got food for Mr. Impatient.  We girls got hot chocolate.  It was mostly hot water.  It felt good going down.  I reached in the pockets of my raincoat and found…. Gloves!  I felt like it was my birthday or something!

When the band came on, we had to figure out how to keep the camera dry.  So I held the umbrella over YG while she took pictures.  I hope they came out.  As soon as the band left the field, we went out and sat in the car until they were ready to go home.  We turned on the heater to warm ourselves up.  I brought my ever present crocheting project.  Once my fingers thawed out, I worked while we waited. 

So I got my Mom stuff done, and the baby blanket is making progress. 

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