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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Customer “Service”

Or Not

I just got off the phone with the cable company.  I probably don’t need to say any more for most of you. 

The first call I made was “before the office was open”. 

The second time I called, I got hung up on. 

The third time I called, I pressed 4 for “service” and got “billing”.  This was the same extension that had hung up on me the last time.  It wasn’t the proper department.  I got transferred three different times. 

Supposedly they fixed the e-mail problem with the bill I have had for over two years.  I will wait and see about that. 

They don’t care and didn’t apologize that I didn’t get the last bill.  They don’t care and didn’t apologize about having shut off my service in the middle of the night.  Mr. Impatient gets up at 4:30 AM to play on the internet.  It wasn’t working.  Neither was the TV.  Moooommmmmmm…….   

I apologized that I am a little cranky from having to find my credit card and pay a bill at 5 AM. 

Now can they please explain why the bill is going up by $30 per month?  Oh, I see.  We had a special rate, and now we don’t.  And something about cable boxes that weren’t available in my area until last week.  I can exchange them at the billing office and save $9.95 per month. 

I’ll get back to them on that.

I’m proud of myself for not slamming down the phone or swearing.  I’ll let Mr. Lasermed decide about the boxes.  I don’t do electronics. 

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