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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shopping with Mr. Impatient

One of my favorite bookstores is going out of business.  While I am sad about this, I thought I would pick up a few bargains.  I love to read.  The idea of new books for small prices was just too tempting. 

It was also my day to take Mr. Impatient to the big box store.  I thought I could get him primed by feeding him first.  So we went to that International place that serves Pancakes.  He got his usual.  That would be chicken strips and French Fries, no honey mustard sauce with a drink without ice.  I got my usual veggie omelet, and he ate my pancakes.  Coffee woke me up. 

Well, they have moved everything inside the bookstore.  He couldn’t find anything that he wanted.  I don’t believe I’ve ever heard the phrase: “Mom, can we check out?” quite so many times before.

Autism is such fun. 

FYI:  I did “get my Norwegian up” as my husband likes to say.  That means I got stubborn.  I bought about 5 paperbacks before I couldn’t stand the noise.


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