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Monday, September 5, 2011

Adventures in Parenting Triplet Babies 1

The Saga of Baby Shots and Tylenol

One day when the boys were tiny, we took them to the pediatrician for shots.  My smart, experienced younger sister had told me that it was a good idea to give them Tylenol before they get shots.  She would probably want me to add that she is also elegant, beautiful and a whole bunch of other things, but I’ll stick to smart and experienced.  Love ya, G.

 I listened to her for two very good reasons.  First, she had three children of her own.  Second, and not necessarily more important, she is a registered nurse. 

So, I gave them all Tylenol before the pediatrician’s office, and off we went.  Now, here’s where I made my mistake.  I told the pediatrician what I had done.  He told me that you don’t know whether or not the babies are going to have a reaction to their shots, and shouldn’t give them anything before hand.  Soooooooo….

I let the Tylenol wear off.  This was after my husband left to go to the grocery store or someplace equally selfish.  I say this because, while he was gone, I found out that my children did, indeed, need Tylenol round the clock for about twenty four hours after shots.  It wore off at the same time for all three babies.  I had three screaming infants waiting for their new dose of Tylenol to hit. 

I was in tears, rocking them, singing to them, and promised that I would never listen to that evil pediatrician again when it came to giving them the lovely purple medicine that made them feel good. 

I learned lots of lessons that day.

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