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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Techno – Dinosaur, Part 2

Setting up the Blog

I am about ready to take a hammer to my computer.

I love writing.  I’m having fun getting my frustrations out on this blog.  However, the whole issue of age has quickly become apparent.  I really did NOT grow up in the computer era.  When I was born, the danged things were as big as a whole room.  When I was in high school, we learned to punch cards.  Do you see my issue?

I have no idea what a RSS feed is.  I don’t know if I have accidently added or subtracted something often until it is too late.  My children aren’t available 24/7 to answer my questions.  You have to know where to go on the computer to get the answers you need, and how to ask the questions you need answers for.  Those of  us who are old people don’t necessarily know these things.

I’m just the writer.  I can put a sentence together.  I’m pretty good at taking apart and putting together a human body.  But ask me to fix a computer problem, and I’m almost guaranteed to get a headache.  I even take several medicines to prevent that.  They are not helping.

I am grateful for things like spell check.  I really love that feature.  I love the back space to get rid of mistakes.  I can touch type over 70 words per minute on this danged machine. 

However, I am trying to add some photos to this thing, and you would think I was trying to solve some complicated physics problem.  I never understood physics.   In almost a month, I still have not succeeded.  You may or may not ever get pictures.   Trying to link another web site (http://healthcareroundup.com/) to this one – they say “just add the logo” like it’s a piece of cake – has raised my blood pressure and given me “excess stomach acid”.  

Pretty soon I will be over in the corner babbling like a small child.  I want my blankie! 

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