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Friday, September 23, 2011


Mr. Impatient has an anger issue
Last night we had a major problem at my house:  we ran out of AA batteries. 
Mr. Impatient needed new batteries for the headphones for his game system.  He could only find one AA battery.  He needed two.  For some reason, this really upset him.  He has rechargeable batteries, but nobody knew where they were.  Of course, they were not in the charger.
Nobody told me that we were low on batteries last week when we made the run to the big box store.  I don’t mind buying them, but I have to know that we need them.  It turns out we are out of AAA batteries also.  I checked the drawer in the refrigerator where we keep them.  All we had were 9 V and D.  (Someone told me that batteries last longer if you store them in the refrigerator.  My children always thought you needed cold batteries to replace a used up one when they were little!)
Mr. Impatient isn’t very good at problem solving when he is busy having one of his “anger issues”.  I suggested that we take the battery out of his computer mouse and use that one until Dad could get one on the way home from his meeting.  So he had two, and headed back upstairs.  Next thing I hear is a loud swear word (!!!) and something being thrown down the hall. 
Mommy mode kicked in.  “All three names” get down here!  We had time out on the steps, a long discussion about “anger issues”, not using bad words, and we don’t throw things when we are having anger issues.  We did some breathing and calming down. 
Dad came home with batteries, and I promise to buy a bunch today. 
Being a Mom can be such fun.

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