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Friday, September 16, 2011

He Said What?

Work Exploration Subversion

I absolutely love to try and understand what goes on inside the head of my autistic son.  He is very intelligent, but sometimes doesn’t quite understand things.

There is a wonderful program in our school system for the high school students who have learning difficulties.  It’s called Work Exploration.  Those who participate spend a portion of their time at a local business learning to do the jobs that you would do if you worked there.  My son has worked at an animal clinic, a local farmer’s market, and a national fast food chain. 

Right now Mr. Impatient is working at a Gym.  He seems to be quite happy.  I try to ask him what he does every week after he goes to the business.  Sometimes his answers are interesting.  This week he was “sabotaging the machines”.

I asked for an explanation.   He said “you know, Mom, wiping them down with the cleaning stuff.” Oh, sterilizing them.  Got it. 

You gotta love them. 

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dr-lasermed said...

I think I meant sanitizing.