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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Plane Crash, Hockey and Autism

Yesterday there was a terrible plane accident in Russia.  Why am I writing about this?  Because the passengers were an entire European hockey team.  My autistic son is devastated.  He follows sports and memorizes statistics.  He has done this for years.  Hockey is one of his favorite sports.

He told me about this accident practically as soon as I came in the door last night.  I had to get on the internet, because it wasn’t on our news.  As I was reading the story on Yahoo, he was telling me every team that the players had played for.  It’s like he actually knows each and every one of these players and coaches personally. 

This is all he has talked about since yesterday.  He wants to know when the funeral is going to be.  He is concerned about rebuilding the team.  He keeps saying it is a “terrible tragedy”, which indeed it is.  He is going to go to school and tell his teachers all about it.  I made sure his brothers knew all about what is going on, in case the teachers get confused.  That’s one of the cool things about having triplets.  I still may get a phone call, because he may act out in school today.

We have to be “pro-active” when there may be abnormal behaviors with our autistic child.  Things that upset him sometimes cause behaviors that are somewhat abnormal.  It’s important to be extra vigilant when there is a major event in his life.  Hopefully, because we have decompressed and distracted, we will avoid a major blow up. 

Our lives are definitely NOT average.

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