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Sunday, September 25, 2011


Where has It Gone?

We were driving in the car the other day, when Three Speed made the comment that most people don’t use their turn signal any more.  We watched for a little while, and he was right.  It got me to thinking.  Where has common courtesy gone?

I had an argument on line with some friends about manners.  As a parent, I spend lots of time trying to instill them in my children.  I also try to live what I teach.  I say please and thank you, even at the drive thru.  I hold doors for people and try to teach my kids to do the same thing.  You know all the stuff you hated that your Momma taught you when you were little. 

We seem to have lost courtesy in the world today.  Instead we have “individual rights”.  These include things like the right to protest at a ceremony for special education students because you don’t approve of the governor’s recent policy statements.  Do these people care about the rights of those children?  I don’t think they even thought about it.  They were being selfish about whatever their own agenda was.  I see examples of this in the news all the time.  It’s time to think about how our actions impact others.

What I find really amusing is people’s reaction to when I do something courteous but not expected or necessary.  Something little like letting someone go ahead of me in line in the grocery store.  Or letting someone into a long line of traffic.  I love to see the look on their faces.  I get that same look when someone does the same thing for me. 

I would love to see everyone do at least one “random act of kindness” and see what happens.  It’s funny how it gets a little warm fuzzy inside you going.  Try it.

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