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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mr Impatient, Cheerleaders and The Carwash

Football season has started in high school again.  Yee-hah!  Can you tell I’m just not the world’s biggest fan?  Three Speed and Tall Guy play in the band, so I go to watch half time.  Mr. Impatient is enthralled with the cheerleaders.

He knows ALL the cheers.  He knows ALL the cheerleaders.  He has them convinced that they should do a cheer for him just about anywhere.  I tried to stop that freshman year, but the folks at school thought it was socially acceptable, so on it goes. 

First football game was last Friday.  It rained all day.  The band didn’t march because the field was a mud pit.  They sounded wonderful, though.  GO EAGLES BAND!!!!  

We always leave after half time.  It’s our “routine”.  But I had to promise to go to the cheerleader’s carwash the next morning.  We didn’t have the band wash the car, but Mr. Impatient wasn’t going to miss “his” cheerleaders washing cars!

Mr. Impatient woke me up with a loud “It’s time for the car wash!”  I told him I needed my jeans and shoes and some caffeine.  He met me downstairs with a coke and the car keys.  He was bouncing off the walls!

The squad was as excited to see him as he was to see them.  They all looked so cute!  They were dressed in school colors.  Their pony tails had ribbons.   The shorts were short, but decent.  My car got a really good scrub.  Then Mr. Impossible requested a cheer.  There was a little bit of water and suds flying, but they did it!

And we were off to do our Saturday morning errands.

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