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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nothing Went Right

It's been a bad week around here.  I already posted about Three Speed’s accident.  Yesterday was my weekly trip to the “big box store”.  No names, but I’m sure you have one like it near you.  Traffic was awful.  They still haven’t finished the construction on the interstate that has been going on since the spring thaw.  They are also still working on the major intersection by the store.  They changed the timing of the light, so you have to sit at the turn for about 4 cycles before you get through. 

When we pulled into our space, a nice fellow came over to tell us that our front tire was “a little low”.  When we went inside, they didn’t have any of those little scooters that some of us with health issues use to get around the “BIG” box store.  I decided not to wait, since I had Tall Guy with me, and he was being cranky.  This turned out to be a bad decision. 

I have been having cardiac arrhythmias for the last six months.  My heart started to act up somewhere around frozen foods.  This is all the way in the back of the store.  Then I accidently grabbed the wrong item because someone had placed a similar item in that spot.  After we checked out, Tall Guy noticed.  We had to go to Customer Relations to exchange the items.  The people check your items at the door, so the ticket has to be right.  It took forever to explain to the Customer Relations Person that we had already gone and gotten the item we wanted to exchange for.  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work there.

When Tall Guy started filling up the tire, it started bulging out.  We went back to the big box store, since they sell tires – I got the last batch there.  The nice man at the tire place told me it wasn’t safe to drive on that tire.  (This day is getting better by the minute!) It would be 4 (four) hours until he could get to my van.  It also cost over $300 that was not in my budget right now.  This was after having to pay for the medical care yesterday “out of pocket”.

Mind you, I have frozen food in the back of this van.  I looked at Tall Guy and said, “Shall we call Dad?”

Mr. Lasermed was not happy to have to come 30 minutes to rescue us.  He had to bring Mr. Impatient with him.  You can’t leave him alone.  That’s another story.  Anyone with an autistic child can fill you in.  Mr. Impatient was repeating the same questions over and over and over in Mr. Lasermed’s van all the way to get me.  He had to deal with all the above traffic issues AND Mr. Impatient. 

We also had to stop and pick up one of Mr. Lasermed’s prescriptions on the way home.  We didn’t get it on the way there because I had just called in the refill before we left to go.  When we got to the pharmacy, the amount they told us was different than what the pharmacist had told me before we left.  That’s because the young woman at the window tried to give us the prescription for someone with my husband’s last name but a different first name.  To make it more confusing, this fellow has the same first name as Mr. Impatient.  So we got to hear about that for about 10 miles down the road. 

I think I have recovered today enough to at least write about it. 

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