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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Triplet Stuff 3 - “No Way Are You Triplets”

My kids told me the funniest story the other day.  They had a band classmate who absolutely could not believe that they were triplets.  All the other kids who have known them for years know all three of the brothers and have no problems with this.  They have been to the birthday parties, seen them in the various grades together, etc.  This young lady had not.  She believed the boys were brothers, but not triplets!

Two of the boys are in the band.  That would be Three Speed and Tall Guy.  Mr. Impatient came back to the band room because they were going to leave from there since the boys had my car.  The band director actually let Mr. Impatient direct the Jazz band for a while.  I understand he did a good job.  Since he has been informally conducting since he was a year and a half old, I’m not surprised.  He just needed to get the time signature, and he was off……

Anyway, there was actually some pulling out of wallets and drivers’ licenses and kids swearing they had known the boys since they were little….  Finally the band director told her that it was indeed true.  Even though they don’t look alike, they are triplets.

I asked if they needed a note from their Mom or a picture from when they were babies.  They said they thought they had gotten her convinced.   

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