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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Doctors and Creativity

When I was in medical school, I noticed that most of my class had other interests besides medicine.  Many of them were and are quite creative people.  While most of us are indeed science geeks, there is also some creativity that has to get out.

I have met some awesome photographers, painters, and authors.  We are also poets, carvers, and sculptors.  Many (mostly women) physicians work in fabric art, making awesome quilts, knitted or crocheted pieces or embroidery. 

Then there are the musicians.  One of my friends writes symphonies.  Many of us play instruments.  And an astonishingly large number of us are singers. 

Even as old as I am, I feel the need to produce music.  I have told my blog friends that my husband plays the organ, and that two of my children are in the marching band (see the photo on the blog).  Three Speed plays the trumpet and Tall Guy plays the saxophone.  Mom is a singer.

I sing with a women’s group.  This is our eighth season together.  Our numbers vary depending on who can spare the time.  Our ages vary from late teens to late 70’s.  Our occupations vary from farmer to teacher to student to shop owner.  Our concert was last week.  This is the web site that has our music posted:

The individual pieces are also posted:

Emma Lou Diemer:

Afrika Kyrie na Sanctus:

Missa Brevis, Eleanor Daley:

Messe Breve by Leo Delibes:

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