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Friday, November 18, 2011

Black Shoes

Autistic Children and Habit

Mr. Impatient went to the pulmonologist the other day.  He is doing well with his asthma.  When he took off his shoes to get weighed, he told me he needed new shoes.  They looked fine to me!

When we got home, I looked at his shoes.  Sure enough, there were holes in the sides of his shoes.  I really can’t remember when he got shoes.  I’m sure if I asked him, he could tell me. 

He fussed and fussed that evening and the next morning until I promised I would take him after school to get shoes.  We had a meeting to go to first.  He fussed throughout the meeting about his shoes. 

When we got to the shoe store, he headed right to the sneakers.  He wanted “black shoes”.   He won’t wear any other kind.  He has a specific brand that he likes.  I thought he wanted Velcro, because he doesn’t tie shoes.  Nope.  He wants tie shoes.  Mom gets to tie them.  Dad and other people do too, but it seems to me that it’s my job most of the time.

We picked out a shoe that looks almost the same as the ones with the holes, tried it on for fit, laced it up and tied it.  I made him walk up and down the aisle.  He was done.  No more fussing.  He was ready to pay and go home.  I asked if he wanted to try another color.  “NO, Mom!” 

Off we went.  

Of course, I don’t take him shoe shopping with me unless I want …… black shoes!

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