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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Teenager Audio Reception Problem

Do You Think I’m Talking Just to Hear Myself?

I’m sure every parent has had this problem.  I have asked my children to do the exact task for the last three or four days.  It isn’t difficult.  It is something I am not physically capable of doing.  Last night I specifically asked to have it done after dinner.  Again. 

What I asked them to do was restock the refrigerator in our garage with drinks so we would have cold beverages.  This is not hard.  But I am having issues with postural hypotension from medications, so can’t deal with it right now.  

Evidently they each assumed the other one was going to do the stocking.  This morning, when I went out to get our morning drinks “to go”, there were none in the refrigerator. 

Do you want to know how mad I was?  This was not the way to start my day.  I got some wimpy excuses on the drive to school, but nothing to make me happy.  I discussed communication, since they had not discussed it.  They just both assumed that the other one was going to do it.  We will have to have a “sit down when I am not angry.   I discuss stuff better when I am calm. 

That’s something I have learned over the last (number deleted to preserve my dignity) years. 

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