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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Special Requests

It’s Not Just Business When It’s MY Practice

Most offices will try to accommodate your time constraints.  However, you have to remember that office hours are set to work around our lives.  Most doctors and their staff members have other responsibilities.  We schedule around school events, church events, family gatherings, appointments, and other obligations.

Some offices that have lots of doctors set aside certain nights or weekends to see people who work regular hours.  If your doctor is a “solo” doctor, it is a bit more difficult.  I can’t trade off with someone else.  There’s nobody but me.

Some patients make special requests about their appointments.  I sometimes bend the hours for established patients.  I will see patients earlier or later than “standard” hours.  I might see patients without my staff if needed.  I even meet patients at the office on rare occasions.  These are exceptions.  It only works for me because I am in solo practice.  I don’t have an administrator breathing down my neck. 

One of my long time patients called this week.  She is a teacher.  She is dedicated to her students and doesn’t like to take time off from class for appointments.  She requested an appointment time that is later than our regular last appointment.  This particular patient and I get along fine, but she drives Princess a bit crazy.  I think she reminds her of all of her high school teachers. 

Princess didn’t want to give her a late appointment because she has kid stuff to do that day.  I decided that if my kids need the car, they can come get it, and someone can come rescue me from the office at some point.  I’ll just sit here and write something for the blog. 

I don’t do this for new patients.  They don’t always show up.  Then I sit here for nothing.  I also don’t do it for someone who has missed appointments or been late in the office.  If you don’t respect my time, I can’t respect yours.  This patient will be there.

The older I get, the more flexible I get.  Ten years ago, I probably would have fussed about the time, too.  Plus, my kids are pretty independent nowadays.  Mr. Impatient will want to know why Mommy is late, but he can handle it!

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