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Monday, March 19, 2012

Why Parents go Crazy When Their Triplet Children are Teenagers

If I hadn’t gone crazy by the time my children had gotten to be teenagers, these years would put me in the funny farm.  My boys are in their senior year of high school.  This morning was one of those mornings that make me want to join a convent.  It’s a good thing Lutherans don’t have nuns.

To set the scene:  Three Speed has a paper due for his college English class this evening.  He never gets them done on the weekend.  He seems to like to get up Monday morning at 5:30 AM and do the work when the house is quiet.  He sleeps on the couch downstairs instead of his bed.  I think this is so he will get up.

I was taking my pills before I went up to bed last night.  I turned off the TV before I went upstairs.  I usually leave it on all night.  This was probably the major problem.

Mr. Impatient gets up at 4:30 AM every day.  If the TV isn’t on, he turns it on.  Then he turns on his computer, gets his breakfast and plays on the computer until the rest of us are up and ready to go to school in the morning.  We are normally ready around 7:15 AM.   He goes out about 7:00 to “start the car” and defrost it, if necessary.  Then he perseverates about why nobody else is ready to leave.

This morning, Mr. Impatient woke up Three Speed when he turned on the TV.  Three Speed got upset and turned it off.  He said it wasn’t 5:30 yet.  He was correct about that, but he is never up at 4:30 when Mr. Impatient comes down.  He said Mr. Impatient always comes down at 5:30 (incorrect statement). 

There is a problem with the remotes for the cable and the TV (different remotes – don’t ask).  Mr. Impatient can’t figure them out.  Three Speed got his stubborn up and wouldn’t fix it.  I came downstairs without my glasses, so couldn’t see the remotes well enough to fix it.  Mr. Impatient couldn’t find my glasses upstairs.  I can’t get my knees working well enough for a couple of hours after I wake up to go up and down the stairs very fast. 

I finally convinced Three Speed to turn on the TV so I could go back to bed.  Mr. Impatient didn’t need it loud, he just needed it on.  Now I can’t think straight at 2:00 PM.

Congratulations, Eagles on State Championships in Basketball!!!!!

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