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Friday, March 2, 2012

Blog Notes I

Just a few notes on my blog:

February was interesting.  I posted something I borrowed from a friend, who got it from Facebook, and my blog went viral!  I had been getting 40-60 visitors per day.  One day I had over 5000.  I started the blog in August, 2011.  I had about 8000 visitors until mid February.  Now I have over 30,000.  I hope some of those visitors liked what they read and continue to visit. 

I wrote a post about how many different countries visitors had come from on February 4.  There were then just over 40 countries.  Today we hit 80 countries.  If you don’t see your country’s name on the side, I missed it.  Put it in the comments and I will add it. 

I have learned a lot of geography.  Réunion (which only got the little accent because I copied it from Wikipedia) is the newest country that I added to my list.  I have had to look up a lot of countries to see where they are.  [As I was checking before posting, someone from Dominica came to visit.  Hello!]

I have finally found all of the articles on Yahoo! from Dr. Maryellen Smith.  It has been interesting.  Yahoo! has been redoing its site this month.  The last article is: Multiple Pregnancy – the Roller Coaster of Twins, Triplets or More:

I have to admit that the format of the page (see upper right) that has all the articles on it is a bit crazy.  I may have to copy it to word and redo the whole thing.   I will continue to add articles as I write them.

I am getting somewhat better technologically.  Not great yet.  I am still in the stone ages.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.    

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