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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Video Games, Autism Style

Teenagers these days seem to be addicted to their video games.  Mine are no exception.  They have learned to save and scrimp to pay for their games.  I don’t pay for the games directly.  I might pay them for mowing the lawn or something else, but they pay for the games. 

They spend a lot of time at the video stores.  The people who work at the two local ones have gotten to know them really well.  I have become a useless appendage.  I make sure they have the “club” card, and then wait in the car with my book or my latest crochet project.  Everyone is happy with that arrangement.

Mr. Impatient likes a lot of the old games.  He can generally find games for less than $10 – sometimes less than $2.  We call him the King of Cheap Games.  I’ve seen him get 6 games for less than $10.  He has also bought games on Amazon for $0.01 (plus $3.99 shipping and handling!).

Occasionally he gets really excited about a brand new sports type game.  He has to have it as soon as it comes out.  He will pay full price for it.  I make sure he has enough money in his money pouch (and the club card).  He gets very agitated about who has to have the car after school and who can drive him to the game store.  He has finally learned to go in by himself if Mom is driving.  If the other guys are with him, they will go in because they like to look at the games, too.

Yesterday was one such occasion.  Tall Guy took him to get the game.  They recognized him at the store.  The sales person was quite surprised.  He said, “I’ve never seen you pay this much for a game before!” 

After they came home, he went to his room to play the new game.  We had to drag him out of his room for dinner.  Otherwise, we didn’t see him the whole evening.  That’s one advantage to new video games. 

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