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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another Routine Disturbance. Sigh!

Will the people who changed the timing for the traffic light please fix it?

Like most people, we drive the same way to school every day.  There really aren’t a lot of choices for us. 

Last week the State Road people were installing a new traffic light along the route.  It replaced one that was already there, so there shouldn’t be any problem.  WRONG!!!!  When they installed it, they didn’t time it the same as it was before.  Traffic is backed up significantly at busy times of day. 

One of those times is when we are going to high school in the morning.  It disturbs Mr. Impatient.  He gets upset and fusses about it.  Then he “perseverates” about it all day.  Mr. Lasermed and I (and Tall Guy and Three Speed) have had to listen to this since last Friday.  That’s when they finished changing the light.

Last night, it went on for about 2 hours. 

Can the people responsible for fixing the timing on the traffic lights please do their jobs? 

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

The oil companies are in charge of the timing for all of the stop lights in the world. They have it arranged to make the most cars stop at each light. It is a devious plan to lower gas mileage and sell more gas. Revolt!

lasermed said...

You are so absolutely right! U will tell Mr. Impatient.
Actually, it was a bit better today. They must have gotten lots of complaints. They are still major off timed, but they are at least longer.