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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Yahoo! Voices Article

Published today

Heart disease in women is different than in men.  We don’t have that crushing chest pain – like an elephant sitting on your chest.  To find out what the symptoms are, check out my new article:

How to Recognize Heart Disease in Women

published today on Yahoo! Voices.  That explains why I was clueless about that shortness of breath and fatigue.  It wasn’t a heart attack, but it is serious heart disease. 

We have it under control.  It fooled me for a while, though.

I hope you learn something.


3/15/12 See comments for problems with the URL.  I'm working on it.  Laser.
Later same day.  Fixed.  When I back spaced to put the URL all on one line, the computer deleted a 1.  Fixed now.  Try it again. Thanks for pointing it out.


Amy said...

great article!!! I love your blog. My Touchpad took a dive on me and I lost all my bookmarks. When my husband did his magical geek-foo on it and fixed it, all my old bookmarks were there! I finally found your blog again and have neglected my household getting caught up on your posts. Thanks for writing, it is always a good read.

ndenunz said...

Not readily seen through the current link.

lasermed said...

That has always worked before. I will figure out the problem and come back. In the meanwhile, you can go to Yahoo voices http://voices.yahoo.com/
Enter Dr. Maryellen Smith
And you will get a list of all the articles.
I'm sorry. I will ask the folks at Yahoo what's up!