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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

“Healthy Eating”

There was an item on the news about a bill in our legislature that was going to ban drive through windows at fast food restaurants.  Thank goodness the legislature came to its senses and defeated the bill.

I believe that the purpose of this bill was to address the problem of obesity in our state.  There are better ways to do this, IMO.

We discussed this a little at my house.  Then it was time for Mr. Impatient and I to make our weekly pilgrimage to SAMS club.  (I spoke with their employees.  Laura and Brenda said I could use their name on my blog.  I generally have good things to say about them.)

Mr. Impatient was quite disturbed about the drive through windows going away.  We had a long discussion about healthy foods.  We discussed eating more vegetables and fruits and less sugary and fatty foods.

With most children, having this discussion would lead to a few more questions.  Not with Mr. Impatient.  His autism has kicked in big time.  We have discussed every food he eats and whether or not it is healthy.  He is “eating well” or “eating healthy”.  There is now a limit to the fries or the chips. 

He even asked if he is “fat”.  The answer is, unfortunately, yes.  I admit that Mom is, too.   I refused to answer for anyone else at the table.  They had to admit their own guilt or innocence.  Oh, what fun that little failed bill has been at my house.

I need to go buy some more strawberries and bananas. 

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