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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Techno – Dino 7 – I’m learning

My friend the Computer Geek was impressed with my Christmas post.  Not as much as I was, but he was impressed.  He did ask why he didn’t have a nickname or a place on the sidebar. 

Sooooo, today I decided to put Computer Geek and Yearbook Gal on my sidebar.  Unfortunately, they refused to appear in bold print.  Don’t ask me why. 

I, however, figured out (all by myself, mind you) how to go in and modify the html to make it bold.

If you don’t speak computer, I modified the language behind the program to get the print to be heavier like this because the little button that’s supposed to do that wouldn’t work properly. 

How cool.  Who knows what I’ll do next.

It’s all because Computer Geek showed me how to add those Amazon banners so you can order from Amazon right from my blog.  It took me forever to figure them out.  Just click on them, and you’re there!  Neat-o?

Maybe I’ll learn to do attachments to my e-mail next?


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