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Friday, December 9, 2011

Stuff I Learned This Week:

1. The ships at Pearl Harbor are still leaking oil. 

2. If a section of instruments (like the saxophone section, for example) all play together in an orchestra, and the rest of the orchestra does not play, it’s called a soli.  Thanks, Tall Guy.

3.  During WWII, we had German and Italian Prisoners of War in many states in “prison camps”.  Their accommodations were the same as our GIs who were guarding them.  The “prisoners” in some camps took over the cooking, and cleaning.  They were also used for labor on the farms and elsewhere.

4. There is an Atlanta in Nebraska.

5. It is possible to crochet in the near dark during a choir / band concert.  It’s a bit more difficult when your variegated yarn turns black. 

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