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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Grandchildren and other little ones who don’t go home with you

Family gatherings are fun, especially when there are little ones there.  They are sooo cute.  The best part, at my age, is that the little ones do NOT belong to me, and I do NOT have to take them home.

My niece has a daughter who is not quite a year old.  She is great to watch.  She reminds me of all the things my kids did at that age.  Lots of falling on her (well padded) bottom.  She cruises the furniture but doesn’t walk quite yet.  She discovers new things and gets that wonderful grin on her face.  Her giggle makes everyone in the room light up, too.  I said I understand why there are so many laughing baby videos on YouTube. 

She is in that “Mommy adhesive” phase right now.  That’s too bad, because I would have loved a cuddle.  Oh, well.  Maybe when she gets a little bigger and gets to know me better, I’ll get a few hugs.  I did get some wonderful smiles today, though. 

Just don’t call me great-auntie, ‘kay?

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