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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Playing with the box – not the gift

I have a niece who is almost a year old.  I have been reminded of my children’s second Christmas.  Since they were born in the summer, they were still infants the first year.  The second year they were walking, babbling human beings.  They really enjoyed watching orchestral Christmas music on TV.  Their favorite movie was Toy Story. (To Infiggity and beyond…..)

This was the year that Christmas lasted and lasted.  Each gift was really two gifts.  If it had a box big enough, the box was a toy, also.  Boxes were for climbing in, building with, making trains out of, putting on their heads, using for shoes and any other activity they could think of.  Then they would play with what was in the box.        

One toy would make my boys happy for several days. 

There was no rush to open all the presents.  Nobody was greedy.  When it seemed like they had started to get a bit tired of any particular toy, we would get out the next set of packages that looked the same.  We would repeat the process. 

This year Christmas lasted two or three months.  Every time they got to open another “set” of presents, we went through the same process.  Peals of laughter rang through my house.  There was lots of crawling around on the floor chasing kids who were chasing toys. 

It was a glorious time.  They are only little once.  Enjoy it Moms and Dads. 

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