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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stopping your medications

I have many patients who tell me that they stopped their medications because they are “feeling fine now”.  Or they have “gone to the clinic” and been told they don’t have to take the medication anymore because their blood pressure is fine or their blood sugar is in the normal range now.


Do not listen to this advice.  Please get another opinion. 

I have a patient now who was told to stop taking her multiple medications for her blood sugar because her levels were normal.  Her medicines included insulin (the shots) and two different types of pills.  Her blood sugars are now in the 400 range (normal fasting under 120, after meals under 150). 

I have been working with her some, but this is not my specialty.  We are down to about 250.  These levels are still UNACCEPTABLE.  She probably needs to go back on insulin – which requires someone who knows how to make those plans.  Generally speaking, this is not your local gynecologist.

Sort of FYI: other medications you definitely should not stop without getting medical advice include medicines for blood pressure, thyroid or any other hormone, any chemotherapy, antidepressants or any other medicine for your mental health.

If you are on hormone replacement from your gynecologist, you should talk to your gynecologist, not another physician about this.  We probably know more about the effects of hormones on your heart, bone, skin, bladder, uterus, hair, mental health and any other body part than any other type of doctor. 

We spend lots of years learning about this stuff.  We keep learning.  It’s required.  Besides, most of us think it’s kind of fun.  So ask a doctor about your medicines.  Not your mother, your sister or your neighbor.  Unless they happen to be a doctor. 

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Melissa said...

Don't forget seizure meds! "I haven't had a seizure in two years so I stopped taking my meds."