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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thoughts on Discipline with My Children

We have been having an online discussion on my doctor’s web site about parents that bring their children to the pediatrician because they “won’t behave”.   I was amazed that anyone would take their children to a doctor for this.  I’m still trying to work this out.

Discipline starts when children are very little.  It starts with love and being firm.  My children are indeed the center of my universe.  Still, they need to be civilized human beings, not wild beasts.

That's why I'm a "Mean Mom".  My kids started calling me that after they learned to talk.

I tell them that "I'm Mean because I love you", that they need to learn whatever. There is always love, even if "I don't like you very much right now".

I love to hear the stomping of feet as they go off to do what needs to be done. Or see that lip stick out. My Mom used to say "Stick it out a little farther so I can sit on it!" My younger brother was really good at it.

No physical punishment, but correction and correction and correction.  Then lots of hugs and kisses and snuggles. 

Funny when they start doing it back.  I love getting my language corrected by adolescents.  Sometimes they will correct my historical facts.  That’s OK.  If they are right, I will choke out the words, “I was .... wrong.

Stay involved in their lives, give them enough freedom to fly, roots to stay grounded and try to have enough wisdom to know the difference.

When you're not sure, call your Mom and ask.  That’s what I did when I left my 14 year old freshmen at a senior graduation party at the end of freshman year.  I think I talked to her for an hour.  They did great.  No alcohol.  Parental supervision.  Band geeks.  We all grew up that day. 

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Holly said...

Just found your blog. Hysterical!

I work in LE, and we also get requests to "fix" the kid the parents have neglected for 15 years.

mind boggle.